How to Register

Apply to Attend NVTI Training

Applying To register for a course, consult the information below. All NVTI courses require registration to gain access.

Step 1: Click to download the NVTI application form and complete all sections.

Step 2: Send your completed application form to the DOL Directors for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET) or appropriate state agency officials in your state.

Locate your state’s DOL Directors for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET) by visiting
Do not send completed application forms directly to NVTI.

For information about registering for NVTI courses, select the category below that best applies to you:

DVOP specialists and LVERs (JVSG Employees)

State Workforce Agency / American Job Center employees who are DVOP specialists or LVERs have a specific list of required training to take with NVTI. This training must be completed within 18 months of position start date. NVTI also offers additional elective courses to continue and advance knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

All DVOP specialists and LVERs receive full travel to attend NVTI.

State Workforce Agency / American Job Center Employees

With DVET approval State Workforce Agency / American Job Center employees who are not DVOP specialists or LVERs are welcome to attend NVTI courses.  They will find many courses relevant to their roles if they provide employment services to Veterans.

Those who qualify as DOL Grantee Recipient Employees, such as Wagner-Peyser or WIOA, will receive full travel to attend NVTI courses.

DOL Grant Recipient Organization Employees

With DVET approval DOL Grantee employees are welcome to attend NVTI courses.

A DOL grantee organization is one receiving grant funding from the US Department of Labor. Persons funded in whole or in part by these grants can attend NVTI and receive full travel.  Example grants include:

  • Wagner-Peyser Act Grants
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grants
    • Adult Employment and Training Activities
    • Youth Activities
    • Dislocated Worker Employment and Training Activities
    • Indian and Native American Program
    • Reentry Employment Opportunities
    • Apprenticeship Program
  • Job Training for Employment in High Growth Industries Grants
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program Grants
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Grants
  • Jobs for Veterans State Grants

To attend NVTI training, the staff member must be involved in the provision of employment, job training, intensive services, placement, or related services to veterans.


Federal Employees

With DVET approval, Federal employees are welcome to attend NVTI classes. Please note, NVTI does not provide travel to Federal employees.


Any Other Persons Not Included in Above Groups

With DVET approval, we accept registration requests from other persons not covered by any of the above groups. Please note, NVTI may not provide travel for you to attend class.

Training Confirmation

Once training registration is approved, a confirmation email will be sent directly to the course participant. This email will include detailed travel information.

If applicable, participants will also receive an email telling them how to contact NVTI Travel to make travel arrangements. Please find further details about travelling to NVTI here.

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