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Advanced Case Management

On Site Duration: One and a half days from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Scheduled by request throughout the year

Who attends this course: DVOP and LVER staff who have completed the case management course.

The course is designed to refresh participants on the key concepts learned in case management training. It is an advanced level of case management training with a focus on addressing some of the most difficult skills.

These areas are the comprehensive assessment, goal setting, and creating a plan that includes effective case notes. Participants will identify problems they experience on an every day basis, brainstorm solutions and practice specific skills. Examples, videos, case scenarios, small group discussions, and exercises are provided.

Employer Outreach

On Site Duration: 8:00 AM Tuesday through 12 noon Friday

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this course: LVERs and DVOPs

Participants in this course will learn:

  • Strategies for creating a broad awareness about the value veterans can bring to businesses as employees, as well as the value of the services provided by American Job Centers, by:
    • Making presentations to business groups and apprenticeship committees
    • Utilizing traditional media
    • Utilizing social media
  • Tactics for consulting with individual employers to promote the hiring of specific clients
  • How to collaborate with employers in the planning and implementation of job club workshops and job fairs
  • How to educate federal contractors about ways AJCs can help them comply with regulatory requirements
Facilitating Veteran Employment

On Site Duration: 8:00 AM Tuesday through 12 noon Friday

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this course: LVERs and DVOPs

Participants in this class will learn:

  • Relevant provisions of veteran-related legislation, including the roles and responsibilities of LVERs and DVOP Specialists, which veterans are eligible to work with DVOP Specialists, and how to implement Priority of Service within your AJC.
  • Employment dynamics that contribute to the employment of veterans (and non-veteran job-seekers, too).
  • Strategies for improving JVSG staff integration within the AJC, and for more effectively working with a diverse clients, employers, and staff of external service agencies.
  • How to advise clients to use online resources to research labor market information, individual businesses, and job postings, as well as apprenticeship, licensing, and certification opportunities.
  • How veterans can translate military experience into terms employers will find attractive, and how to communicate their abilities in cover letters, resumes, and other application materials, and when interviewing.
Grants Management

On Site Duration: 4 1/2 days

Scheduled as requested

Who attends this course: Federal VETS staff

This course follows the prerequisite basic online grants management course. It is focused on managing the Jobs for Veterans State Grants for the Federal staff. The course is a hands on practice in analyzing and writing quarterly reports, grant modifications, also a review of the audit process and the various VPLs and DM’s that are relevant to managing the grant.

Intensive Services

On Site Duration: 8:00 AM Tuesday through 12 noon Friday

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this course: DVOP specialists

  • Assess the challenges faced by job-seeking veterans arising from significant barriers to employment (SBEs), including physical and psychological disabilities, homelessness, ex-offender status, low income, extended unemployment, and lack of a HS diploma or equivalent certification.
  • Provide intensive services to assist-job seekers neutralize those barriers to employment; including the intensive services outlined in the Workforce Investment Act:
    • Individual and group counseling
    • Career planning
    • Short-term prevocational services to strengthen learning skills, communication skills, interviewing skills, punctuality, personal maintenance skills, and professional conduct
  • Utilize a case management delivery strategy with clients when providing intensive services, including conducting assessments to identify a job-seeker’s strengths and barriers to employment, and assisting clients with the creation, implementation, monitoring, and modification of Individualized Development Plans.
  • Grow and maintain a network of outside agencies, and coordinate the delivery by them of specialized intensive services to veterans.
  • Coordinate with LVERs and Business Service Representatives to maximize the placement of job-ready veterans.
  • Conduct outreach with and through community entities to encourage more veterans with SBEs to utilize services provided by the AJC.
Job Coaching for Offender Populations

On Site Duration: 6 hours

Scheduled as needed

Who attends this course: Anyone who works with recently released individuals in helping them find employment.

Course focuses on how to work with recently released veterans in helping them find employment through the case management process.

Leadership for the Integration of Veterans Services

On Site Duration: 3 days

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this class: Veterans staff partners and supervisors of veterans program staff

The LIVS course focuses on the principles of leadership and the legislation surrounding veterans programs. in addition, topics include an orientation to Veterans' Employment and Training Service and the National Veterans' Training Institute, priority of service and measurement tools.

Managing Case Management

Duration: 8:00 a.m. Tuesday through noon Friday

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this class: Managers and supervisors who oversee case management activities in job service and one stop offices.

NVTI's Managing Case Management (MCM) is a three and a half day course aimed at enhancing awareness of issues and management techniques related to case management.

Participants learn the basic concepts of case management and understand how to monitor and support the CM process. Skills in the utilization of various approaches to overseeing case loads and familiarity with different types of documentation are achieved. Participants gain understanding in conflict management techniques and facilitation of team building both inside and outside the agency.

Participants in MCM gain the knowledge to assist case managers in all areas, including legal and ethical issues. Understanding the importance of employer outreach and the establishment of a network outside the office is discussed.

Orientation to Veterans’ Programs

Duration: 8 hours

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this class: Higher level management, especially those involved in one/stop career centers.

Orientation to Veterans' Programs is a one-day session providing state agency management officials with training focused on current federal statutes, grant provisions and program guidelines governing delivery of services to veterans.

Participants learn to recognize differences between the perceived and prescribed duties of LVERs and DVOPs, as well as the management implications and consequences of those differences.

The agenda for this session explores the following topics:

  • Title 38, Chapters 41, 42 and 43 of the United States Code
  • Legislative mandate
  • Roles and responsibilities of LVERs and DVOPs
  • Veterans' priority of service
USERRA/VETS Investigators

On Site Duration: 8 1/2 days, Tuesday - the following Friday

Scheduled: By National Office Request

Who attends this course: Federal Staff (RAVET, DVET, ADVET, VPS, VPA, etc.)

The USERRA Investigators course combines distance education with classroom instruction. This course focuses on a standardized process for case processing, analyzing case files and developing case investigative plans, along with topics such as subpoena authority and providing technical assistance.

The course improves staff competency in USERRA knowledge and how to process a claim. The investigator focuses on skill application of various interviewing techniques and methods utilizing case examples. Techniques for encouraging early resolution and enhancing the quality of case processing are emphasized.

Veterans’ Employment & Opportunity Act

On Site Duration: 8:00 AM Tuesday through 12 noon Friday

Scheduled as needed throughout the year.

Who attends this course: Federal VETS staff

The Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act/Veterans’ Preference and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act Discrimination course (VEOA/VP/USERRA Discrimination) deals with preference in hiring for veterans within the federal government.

The course focuses on the federal hiring process and how preference for federal employment is applied. It also provides a standardized process for case processing, analyzing case files and developing case investigative plans. The course improves staff competency in VEOA/VP knowledge and how to process a claim.

The investigator focuses on knowledge and skill application utilizing case examples. This course is for Federal Staff scheduled by National Office Request and is 3 ½ days in length.

To request this course, please contact us at



Investigators Online

The Investigators Online course is designed as a prerequisite to USERRA Investigator Training and is for VETS staff who process USERRA investigations. This course is split into three areas. Potential liability, Communication and Case File Evidence Evaluation.

The goals is to provide information on liability of investigators when conducting USERRA investigations; using written communication and investigative writing to produce documentation relevant to USERRA case processing; and sharpening critical thinking skills and knowledge as it relates to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Serving Veterans Enrolled in the Chapter 31 Program
Successful readjustment of Veterans with disabilities into the civilian workforce is a mutual responsibility and concern. This course focuses on how you can help to advance, improve, and expand employment opportunities for Veterans with disabilities by explaining the memorandums and guides created with this purpose in mind. Following the completion of this course, you will have the tools necessary to assist Veterans enrolled in the Chapter 31 program.

The purpose of this e-learning course is to introduce the law and rules of The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).This course is for U.S. Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Services (VETS) employees, as well as Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Ombudsmen, guard and reservists and employers who would like to have a better understanding of USERRA.

After taking this course you will have a better understanding of:
  • the guidelines and rules of USERRA, and what's the course of action for guard and reserve members, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) representatives, and employers.
  • The scenarios presented are common circumstances, but are by no means are the only situations you may encounter.

Click here to access course.

USERRA 102 is an interactive online course which builds upon and expands the basic knowledge of USERRA law, which was gathered from the USERRA 101 course. The course is intended for VETS employees and ESGR Ombudsmen, although service members, employers, human resource personnel and other interested parties are welcome to access the course materials.

Successful completion of the USERRA 101 course is necessary before beginning this e-training.

Click here to access course.

Veterans’ Benefits Online
Duration: From the time the course begins, a duration of two weeks is allowed for completion.

Regularly scheduled throughout the year

Who attends this course: DVOP/LVERs, non-veteran staff that interact with veterans to assist with benefit resources and referrals.

This is a self-paced course that covers the basics of veterans' benefits. The participant has two weeks to complete the work assigned and may do the work either at their office and/or at home. The course is available/accessible 24 hours a day for each two-week span.

The course has four modules. Each module includes a presentation, a practice quiz, and research-based discussion forums. Discussion forums require individual postings open to all students and an online instructor. Discussion forums are interactive and focus on making contacts at the local level.

The agenda for this session explores the following topics: Alcohol and drug dependence treatment, disability compensation, education and training, healthcare enrollment, homeless veterans, hospital and outpatient care, Montgomery GI Bill, post-9/11 Montgomery GI Bill, community resources, readjustment counseling, disability ratings, VA pension, veterans’ educational assistance programs, vocational rehabilitation, and women veterans.

The purpose of this online program is to provide USERRA investigators with information to help them successfully conduct USERRA Investigations. Topic areas are Regulations, Principles and Tools and Information Security.

This course is for Federal staff.

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